Many at this time are experiencing their own personal changes and awakenings.  If you have found yourself here, it is likely that you are in that process. Personal growth and spiritual transformation will look different for each person, as we each have our own paths to follow. My goal is to bring you in closer alignment with who you truly are and what you are here to do. Healing is a process of awakenings, life changes, shifts in old patterns and belief systems, and releasing life traumas and past wounds. Renewal is the the manifestation of inner and outer changes, including greater well-being, self-acceptance, and momentum toward your goals. Dr. Tara Cuskley offers holistic, spiritually-based psychotherapy and energy healing sessions.



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  • Are you in the midst of a large life transition or feel that you are lacking direction?

  • Are you looking to gain deeper insight and clarity into your next career steps or personal mission?

  • Are you hoping to heal past traumas, patterns, repetitive behaviors, or habitual negative belief systems?

  • Are you dealing with stress or anxiety and need to create mindful coping strategies in your everyday life?

  • Are you looking to create a stronger connection to your intuition and personal guidance?

  • Have you had a spiritual awakening or experiences and need assistance integrating and understanding them?

  • Are you looking to heal relationship patterns and to cultivate conscious, healthy connections to family, friends, and loved ones?

  • Do you need an energy reset, assistance with regular energy clearing rituals, or guidance in understanding your empathic abilities?



These sessions may be right for those on a self-growth path looking for deeper clarity, direction, and support. Psychotherapy and coaching work can move you forward so that life can include greater feelings of momentum, joy, peace, and freedom. 





Sessions often shift core belief systems held within the mental and emotional energy bodies and release energy blockages to moving forward or feeling embodied in your everyday life, providing access to increased energy flow and messages unique to your path.


What People ARe Saying…

My work with Tara has revolutionized my relationship with myself, powerfully shifting how I engage with the world. Her experience in both traditional and energetic healing methodologies provided depth and breadth to our sessions. Five stars.
— Cecily Haubner
For me, sessions with Tara are like mining my inner landscape so as to reflect and inform my experience in the world. A wealth of valuable information and feedback is unearthed. Tara is a gifted, intuitive, and insightful healer who facilitates connection with one’s highest self, and I highly recommend her work.
— Tom Weston
I highly recommend Dr. Cuskley’s energy healing. I’ve never experienced an acute inter-play between mind and body than my work with her. I can honestly say after my session, I think of everything differently. Dr. Cuskley is the most pragmatic, down-to-earth, and honest person I’ve crossed regarding this growing, important healing space.
— Nathan Novero
My sessions with Tara have become an essential way of connecting with myself. Tara’s presence is steadying, all-accepting, and powerful. In the years since I began seeing Tara, I’ve found myself upgrading the outward structures of my world, like my job, my relationships, and my home, so that now I’m experiencing less discord and more flow. Most importantly, I am experiencing more self trust. Thank you, Tara.
— Meg Howard