Marching is the Start


This is the force that will change the world. I truly believe that. Women and those who stand with women in genuine solidarity will be the impetus that forces changes that have been too long in the making. Spreading love, compassion, and tolerance as opposed to bigotry and separation consciousness is not the purview of special snowflakes or "weak crybabies." It's actually the hardest thing we will ever do or ever undertake on this planet of ours.

It is much harder to love and accept the neighbor you disagree with than to spurn and hate them. Liberalism and conservatism are false divides and beyond the point in the larger picture of this planetary play of ours.

What is in our hearts? What is it that we really want to see?

These should be the questions we ask of ourselves and each other everyday. We may differ on how we wish to achieve it or the political talking points but partnering to create movement and change is the important part, even on a very small micro-scale or individual level, regardless of the inevitable dissent and bumps along the way.  And those who oppose equal rights and tolerance for all should be opposed with all the might and force of our ancestors behind us who lived this reality and rejected it.


We need to acknowledge that cultural, economic, regional, gender, and sexuality differences exist. They are not barriers but opportunities for growth. We all come from different backgrounds and sets of belief systems and need to examine why certain issues resonate deeply for us and what are the deeper motivating factors...and approach others with a sense of curiosity and empathy, rather than contempt when examining their belief systems. Neither "liberals" or "conservatives" can lay claim to "right." Right comes from a sense of love, compassion, and unity.  And that was on display this weekend at the marches.

So how can we better support each other to become the best versions of ourselves, individually and collectively?  When individual changes and empowerment take root in people's lives, this spreads like wildfire. It catches on.

This is what we are seeing. Women supporting women. People empowering people.

Beyond the individual political issues that are at play and whether all those in attendance agreed with each other on each individual issue, these demonstrations were filled with a sense of unity, peace, non-violent dissent, and using the power of collective voice with love.

And so...

This is the force that will change the world.