The Great Awakening


We are in the midst of an awakening. As Trump and his colleagues continue to bulldoze their way through governing, more and more people are recognizing what's valuable and important in true leadership and waking up to the potential of leadership within themselves.  Many are waking up to the state of the world as is, versus what we know it could be.  Despite outer appearances, we are seeing the traditionally individualistic worldview of America beginning to crumble.  We have always known the value in promoting prosperity and peace for ourselves, but now we begin to ask, does that extend to our neighbors too?

"Oneness" is a principle not commonly discussed beyond spiritual circles, and it has now become a primary linchpin of political discourse.  What is the point of extreme division, either via racial, national, or political lines?  Should we or can we wish the same for others we wish for ourselves?  Why would discrimination and inequalities continue to make sense in a world that is rapidly embodying the inter-connectivity and speed of communication that has always existed under the collective surface...

As we continue to see rhetoric and legislation meant to intimidate and discriminate, targeting immigrants, transgender individuals, and even individual cities and states, one could ask, "How did we get here?"

Perhaps the better question is: "What is the opportunity in this current moment in time?"

Creating the new sometimes requires a breakdown of the old.  For a second, conjure a vision of the Phoenix rising from the ashes of our collective exhaustion with the competition and conflict which has defined our world thus far. When these American "values" are so in blatantly in our faces, it becomes harder to turn away, harder to ignore, and harder to defend them in the face of such disregard for the broader principles of a spiritually-connected humanity: love, tolerance, peace, unity.

These spiritual principles have been sought after and preached for ages by advanced yogis in India, Buddhist monks in Tibet, Jesus and his followers in the desert, and Muhammad and his devotees.  Not all religions around the world agree on everything, but the one principle they all have in common is the "Golden Rule:" treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.  Each of the major faiths in our world, regardless of how individuals have attempted to interpret or misinterpret them, agrees that we are as One with our neighbors. Therefore, coexistence on this Earth requires a care for our neighbors....not walls, not division, not bullying, and not fear of "outsiders."

This is what we are waking up to, as the disregard for this most basic of spiritual principles becomes so blatant in the political play that is gracing our stage.

So do I believe Trump and his surrounding players are "bad" for the country and humanity?  Quite the opposite....I think they are exactly what is called for right now. Exactly what we have called out for.  Something or someone to wake us up from our long slumber of complacency and tacit allowing of the division within ourselves and against each other that we have too long been mired in.  A new compassion will be born from this.

This time in human consciousness has been predicted by many ancient cultures, such as the Hopi and the Mayans, and by biblical texts. So are we waking to the doomsday scenarios that have long been twisted from these ancient prophecies?  On the contrary....we are waking to what we have been all along.  We are waking to the rebuilding of our essential nature and the unbreakable connections between us all.  So I ask, what is your role to play in these "End Times?"

What are you here to rebuild?