What Are You Here For?

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It's the age-old question, the source of our existential angst....

Ultimately, it's a much bigger question than can really be answered in a blog post, or even two or three.

But I'll give it a try...

So why are you here?  What are you doing here in this body?  Why are you here, in this spacesuit of skin and bones, looking through your eyes?

It's clear that the identities and meaning we create through social media aren't always the authentic version of ourselves, and the freedoms we have sought through the mobile worlds at our fingertips sometimes only serve to keep us more bound up in one version of reality.  We have created a vast world for ourselves through technology in the name of broader horizons, yet have somehow managed to stuff our true selves deeper down into hidden places, far beyond the online profiles and photo collages.

Engaging with technology requires us to constantly engage with stimulation outside of ourselves, to seek answers outside of ourselves.  We think perhaps we can fill the many voids and spaces within us with the knowledge gained through this continuous engagement with information and content.  But what if all the answers we seek already lie within?

You nod, yeah....I've heard this one before.

But listen for second.  What if we each have an internal capacity that could easily provide all the knowledge we could ever want to know or ever wish to seek?

This vast expanse of knowledge is known as universal consciousness, or universal wisdom.  It's the secret that seems to only find a few in each generation....a chosen few who seem to have some "special" ability to broaden their individual consciousness to connect with something beyond themselves.  These are the beloved and rare artists, gurus, and activists who leave lasting imprints on the world stage.  Truth and wisdom seem to flow through them effortlessly.  They have somehow gotten past the game.  Somehow they have believed in their own capacity enough to understand that their own capacity is never separate from the vast capacity of the Universe.

But what if this is not just an ability reserved for a special few?

What if it's not actually a "special" ability after all.  What if, in fact, it is our birthright to have access to this vast expanse of consciousness?  To be free to tap into it and utilize it throughout our lives...

Where did you go today that you didn't bring yourself?  Nowhere.  Wherever you are, there you go.  You are the only connection between you and this world.  You are the point of engagement with the outside world.  You are the only point of power you have.  There is no other point of power.  You are it.

We give our power away on a daily basis to things outside of us....to other people who seem to know better than we do, to institutions, and to cultural and societal belief systems.  They seem so sure of their answers, after all.

We end up internalizing these versions of reality, falsely assuming they represent our true selves.  And in this age of increasing polarization and myriad versions of "reality," this internal well of wisdom and personal discernment is even more vital.

We are in an age of awakening.  We are awakening to what resonates with our inner selves on a deeper level, finding true discernment.  Our task in this day and age is to separate truths from falsehoods, authenticity from manipulation, and self-definition from collective beliefs.  We are finding our deeper, truer selves in this grand play.

So now I return to the original question. What are you here for?

What if you are here merely to see and feel what actually lies within?

What if you are here to create and live life through you own internal well of wisdom....to cut through the dross and muck of what you were taught or absorbed as "truths" within this reality....to reconnect with that vast expanse of universal consciousness that is and always has been you.

What if you are here merely to find out what it actually means to be free?