There's not a one-size-fits-all answer.  You may benefit from a series of coaching or psychotherapy sessions, or a one-time energy healing may perfectly fit your needs.  Often those seeking coaching or psychotherapy may wish to work on shifting one or several concerns they are experiencing in their everyday lives or are looking for greater self-growth and understanding.  Energy healing also addresses these things but works on a body-mind or psycho-spiritual level and effects may manifest over time.  I recommend you reach out via my contact page and we can email or set up a brief phone call before the first session to determine the right fit for you.


Yes, you may.  Depending on your needs or desires for healing, we can create a healing plan together which combines psychotherapy or coaching with energy sessions.  You may wish to book a series of sessions to work on one particular issue or concern.  If you are a NY State resident, we can discuss a course of in-office psychotherapy and/or healing.  If you reside outside of NY State, we can set up Skype coaching or healing sessions.


I do not currently work with any insurance companies directly.  However, if you are a NY State resident and are looking for psychotherapeutic services, I can provide insurance documentation and codes for reimbursement under out-of-network benefits.  If you do not currently have out-of-network benefits, I also offer a sliding scale for those seeking therapy.  Coaching and energy healing are typically not eligible for insurance coverage.

What IS ENERGY HEALING?  How is It Different from Psychotherapy?

Energy healing typically targets the subconscious and the energetic system that resides around the body in which we may hold blocks or beliefs that are harder to access through our verbal, conscious minds.  It is a healing on the more subtle levels of our being and the effects may manifest over time.  Since it affects our energy system at a deeper level, often people pace energy healings at various intervals, with integration time in between.  On the other hand, psychotherapy or coaching sessions are typically weekly or biweekly and work more on the conscious, mental, and emotional levels of our beings.  Change occurs through our willingness to engage with ourselves as we are on a daily basis and shift towards new patterns, emotions and behaviors that are more beneficial and supportive to our lives.  Often we may need a combination of both as life tends to be an interplay between our conscious and practical human selves, and our subconscious and soul selves.

Do I have to be Spiritual to BEnefit from Energy Healing?

No.  Your spiritual belief systems doesn't have to affect the work we do together.  I respect all belief systems that my clients enter either therapy or energy healing with, and I have worked with clients across a spectrum of religious beliefs or non-spiritual worldviews.  For my part, my own spiritual connection informs the healing work I do in that it provides the foundation for connecting with healing energy or guidance in session.  I may explain how the energy system or healing information presents itself to me during a session, and clients are free to integrate that with their own beliefs and worldviews.

how do I schedule a Session?

You can reach out via my contact page for my rates or to set up a free initial phone consultation and/or initial session at a time that will be convenient.  I look forward to hearing from you!